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 Recent Work 

From time to time, this page is updated with recent projects that have been completed. It's a convenient way to get to the latest (and hopefully greatest) of my resume. Check in, now and again.

Entries here are for calendar year 2007.

If you have questions about any of the materials here, feel free to inquire. Samples can be made available, where it's possible to provide them.




User Documentation

Edge Dynamics, Inc.

Created and updated all customer-facing documentation for enterprise platform and associated application. Documents included all administration, installation, update, application, and platform user guides, as well as a proprietary language reference guide and multiple configuration guides for the platform and its integration with third-party software.
Published 43 documents containing 2200+ unique pages in each of three releases over seven months. Each release entailed two versions of the platform and two versions of the application. Most recent release added a new version of the application.


Internal Documentation

Edge Dynamics, Inc.

Created and updated all internal documentation, which covered details of the platform and application, for Edge-internal developers and solutions consultants.


User Documentation

Mozilla Corporation

Wrote and edited end-user support pages for Release 2.0 of Mozilla's Firefox browser. Applied and contributed to Wiki formatting standards deployed on the site.



Customer Training

Edge Dynamics, Inc.

Created and updated customer-facing training materials, including platform administration, Edge Workbench training, and platform and application user training. Over a dozen training decks covering approximately 1,000 slides.
Led multiple training sessions.


 Tools Development 


Edge Dynamics, Inc.

Built from scratch a complete build system for acquiring and packaging Edge documentation builds for distribution to internal customers and inclusion in software release. Build system enabled Excel-based specification and script-based building of documentation sets, including ZIP and JAR files, and featured build verification and single-point failure error handling.
Built in Visual Basic for Applications and Windows command-line scripts.



White Papers

Edge Dynamics, Inc.

Co-authored white paper on evolving distribution agreements for the pharmaceutical industry.



Edge Dynamics, Inc.

Co-wrote white paper on uses of EDI 867 channel data for management of distribution channel performance and marketing campaign management.


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