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 Revision History 

November 2, 2007


* Added GK reference.


September 27, 2007


* Added Edge Dynamics work from previous two years, including white papers and training pages.

* Changed left nav bar.

* Removed Pricing and HTML version of resume.

* Updated Recent Work, About, Skills, and Startup Specialist pages.


September 12, 2005


* Added Edge Dynamics logo to scroll on Home page.


March 5, 2005


* Added newsletter page.

* Posted newsletter pages.

* Note: Next quarter, site should be updated with new samples, etc.


December 2, 2004


* Updated site with new publications.

* Upated resume and Recent Work page.

* DID NOT update PDF resumes.


May 31, 2004


* Updated site with new publications.

* Upated resume, resume PDF, children's resume, and Recent Work page.

* Added Skills & Tools page.

* Add Adobe InDesign CS brochure sample.


October 31, 2003


Updated site with new publication dates. Cleaned up various errors.

Note: Resume and Recent Work pages have been updated in the interim.


April 9, 2003


Placed resume in PDF format on site.


March 1, 2003


Updated resume and recent work pages.


November 27, 2002


Addressed bugs raised in Beta release. Created special index page for Gecko browsers. Pushed to live site.


November 19, 2002


Posted revisions to Beta release.

* Slowed scrolling of testimonials. Fixed positioning.
* Removed Bio and Photos pages.
* Changed Sampletown to Portfolio.
* Attempted to fix slight alignment problems in top and bottom nav bars.
* Created better break between header and samples.
* Added HTML-only site map.
* Cleaned up database page samples (TG and Kids Tetris). Added Jump menus.


November 6, 2002


Posted completely revised version of site to beta-test area.


June 25, 2002


Added new photo to Funstuff page.


May 27, 2002


Added new testimonial (OG) to References page.


March 25, 2002


A lot has happened in a year. Updates to Recent Work, Resume and Printer Resume pages. Added Advertising sample.

Added Counter to front page.


March 2, 2001


Updated testimonials.


February 24, 2001


Updated recent work. Updated resume and printer resume.

Created Startup Specialist page.

Repaired broken links.

Changed copyright notice.


January 9, 2001


Transferred site to new servers.


November 2, 2000


Updated recent work. Updated resume and printer resume.


August 28, 2000


Added recent work. Created Recent Work page. Uploaded pdfs of samples. Updated copy.


April 19, 2000


Added splash page.


April 14, 2000


Created Kidstuff, BHT pages. Created Mino and voice sample pages for Kidstuff page.

Edited other docs based on user feedback.

Removed password page.


March 27, 2000


Tuned Beta release version for Netscape users. Distributed email soliciting feedback.


March 25, 2000


Posted Beta release version (Version 0.2) on the web.


February 4, 2000


Distributed version 0.1 of site for review.

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