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Professional references are available on request. To request, send email.

Meanwhile, feel free to peruse these client testimonials:


"Steve and I have worked together on various interactive entertainment projects with budgets on different sides of the scale. Voiceovers, scripts, design -- he has done it all for me. In addition to his considerable writing ability and bubbly creativity, Steve is very attentive to production issues. Not only can he write an interactive script, he can also break down that script and manage it in its audio asset form. It is an incredible advantage to have a writer who understands that his scripts will be transformed into thousands of sound files that eventually go into the hands of software engineers. To that end, Steve asks great questions, listens intently, and, through his significant technical understanding, often illuminates issues that may not have been considered by my team. Steve is capable of thinking ahead about how his work can streamline the production process down the line.

"As a producer who works with contractors often, Steve is a joy to work with for many little reasons that actually count for a lot. He's prompt in returning phone calls. He keeps me fully informed of his current workload and availability over the course of a long-term project. He meets his deadlines. His invoices contain all the information that Accounting needs. He's flexible and very gracious if edits are required.

"When I need a writer, Steve is the first guy I think of."
-- Wella Lasola, Producer, Leapfrog Enterprises, Inc.


"Steve has been delivering various types of content work for me over the last 5 years. For me, Steve has been more than just a technical writer - he has been a whole-product content producer and process manager.
Whole-product content producer: Steve consistently delivers good materials from the very technical (like technical manuals and white papers) to the very functional (like marketing brochures and sales collateral). To address such diverse audiences, he knows how to augment his solid and easy-to-understand prose by effectively substituting or augmenting the proverbial 1000 words with a picture.
Process manager: Steve doesn't just write things for you - he manages the process for you. Give him a list of names of experts, and he will do the rest: he is very methodical at collecting the right inputs from the right people, makes it easy for them to communicate back to him their inputs, and turns that all into a single piece of work."
-- Gregg Kasten, Vice President of Products, Edge Dynamics, Inc.


"Our startup was in a bind. We needed a definitive Web presence to attract talent, yet for security reasons, we could not reveal too much about our activities. How do you tell what you're doing without telling what you're doing? Somehow, Steve figured out a way to do so. By telling our audience who we were not, he told the smart ones who we were. And they were precisely the people that we wanted to meet. It was a great solution. The amazing thing is that Steve knew next to nothing about our technical field at the beginning of the project. By the end, he could talk about the nuances of our positioning, delivery mechanisms and the emerging technologies that would make it happen. Against our aggressive deadline, it was impressive. In the confusion of names on job boards, Steve was a rare find."
-- Peggy Tracy, Chief Marketing Officer, Omnitrix Technologies, Inc.


"Steve has demonstrated that he can take cold hard facts about varied subjects and transform them into lively prose suitable for different reading levels. His research is always thorough, he can follow a schedule without prompting, and he delivers manuscripts on time (usually quite early). Steve also shows remarkable flexibility and willingness to revise text whenever necessary. I can always count on Steve to write factually-correct, interesting manuscripts that make my job a lot easier."
-- Christine Poolos, Managing Editor, Rosen Publications


"I just took a look at the PDF manuals for this year's product (the Game and the Architect) and wanted to just tell you how fantastic I think they turned out. I think they're the best docs we've done for the PC in the 4 years I've been on this franchise.

Thank you again for all your hard work on these and for putting up with our crazy schedules time and time again."
-- Orlando Guzman, Producer - Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2002


"It was four days before our consumer site launch, and we had no help documentation. Steve came in and created not only our help documentation, but also designed an interactive help system, wrote our first newsletter, corporate marketing copy, and drank a LOT of my coffee. What Steve brings to his work, besides his technical skill, is years of software development experience, intelligence, and an incredible work ethic. So instead of fully documenting what I wanted and needed pre-launch, I just gave the project to Steve, who did the analysis, created the requirements on the fly, and did the work.

I would recommend Steve to anybody."
-- Mike Grishaver, Yahoo! Health


"Since 1998, Steve has been producing high-quality writing for Electronic Arts. Over the course of his many projects for us, Steve has demonstrated an ability to juggle multiple jobs at the same time while conscientiously meeting our structured deadlines. With each passing project, my trust in Steve's ability to deliver grows. He is organized, ethical, and well-regarded internally. For anyone looking for an excellent writer with a great demeanor, I very strongly recommend Steve Olson."
-- Greg Roensch, Editorial Director, Electronic Arts Creative Services


"Hyperion Solutions was in the middle of a crunch to produce marketing materials when I contacted Steve. He stepped into a sophisticated technical area and, without prior experience, was able to turn out fluid success stories immediately. It was a godsend. Since then, Steve has been able to take on more projects in a variety of forms for Hyperion departments spread across the country and to deliver the goods to them. We've been quite happy with the results and will continue to rely on Steve to produce polished marketing writing."
-- Phil Dunn, President, Synapse Services Co.


"I've been reading Steve Olson for years, and I think he's fabulous."
-- K.C. Strehorn, Ph.D


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