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The following pieces were developed for the Software and Consumer Electronics sections of an online retailing site. In online retailing, words are more important than pictures, as the customer never has a chance to hold, examine, and experiment with the product.






AM/FM Clock Radio

A Deeply Understanding Clock Radio

Rise and shine to the newsworthy reporting and tasteful jokes of your favorite morning shows. Who are these people, anyway? Why are they so peppy at this awful hour? Your Aiwa clock radio understands the misery of the morning. A respectful alarm prods without complaint, and a big snooze button is an easy target for the dedicated night person. The big green LED display informs you that you have exactly 12 more minutes of sleep. At the end of the day, relax to the dulcet sounds of AM or FM music.

Built-In Subwoofer Multimedia Speaker

Kickin' Audio for Games

Make games, presentations and the Internet spring to life on your PC with the Aiwa SC-A78 speaker system. Designed specifically for multimedia, these speakers are magnetically shielded, so you can place them right next to your monitor for a straight-on blast of audio excitement. Twenty-eight watts of total power deliver Aiwa's QSOUND technology which separates individual instruments and places them around the listener. The Front 180 design creates a soundstage of music or cries of mortal agony. Gunshots and bombs just sound better on the beefy sub-woofer.

All Digital Answering Machine w/ Cordless Phone

Messages in a Digital Bottle

The Casio TC-540 Phonemate is the right answer to managing multiple lives on one phone line. The all-digital answering machine allows up to three outgoing messages for three mailboxes on one phone line. Instant Access(tm) technology separates the messages you need from those that can be reviewed at a later time. Forward messages between boxes to tell your roommates about the barbecue, party, or even the rent. The phone unit features Optimum Channel Memory(tm), to seamlessly connect the phone line and handset on the best of 25 available broadcast channels. It remembers the cordless characteristics of your apartment. Voice and date stamping. Remote message retrieval.

Redneck Rampage for DOS

Where's Maw Daggone Pig?

Summun's took your favrit pig. Git your gun, and get 'er back! Redneck Rampage turns you loose in Hickston, Arkansas in search of your prized sow. Armed with your shotgun and other offbeat weapons, you blast your way through the local watering hole, trailer parks and the chicken processing plant. Who's got your pig? The aliens who are all around you, of course. Built on a juiced-up version of the Duke Nukem 3D engine, the art and voice of this shooter are even funnier. A great soundtrack from Mojo Nixon, the Beat Farmers and the Reverend Horton Heat. Fourteen levels with multiple locations. Network play for up to eight. For ages 18 and over.

Top Gun: Hornet's Nest for Win95/98

Maverick, Turn and Burn!

You're Maverick, the Navy's top gun, and you've got a mission to fly. Thirty missions, in fact, in three theaters around the globe in Top Gun: Hornet's Nest. In the cockpit of your F/A-18, the most advanced fighter-bomber in the world, you've got quick access to the best air and ground weapons in the US Navy. Easy weapons, flight controls and radar get you into all of the action that made Top Gun the blockbuster hit movie of the year. Receive your mission briefings from Commander Hondo, played by James Tolkan himself from the movie. Multiplayer mode lets you and seven other players settle who's the best of the best.

Infomaker 6.0 for Win3.1/95/NT


"I need that report, and I need it now!" Now what? Now, you have Infomaker 6.0 on your side. Don't wait for the IS department to build a report for you. Don't trudge through documentation to learn database formats. Point and click, and Infomaker serves the information you need in an attractive format. Send it to the screen, the printer, or the Web. A point-and-click query builder rapidly gathers your information from the database, and included templates get you started on designing the look of the output. Infomaker integrates with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix and Sybase(r) database engines. Use Infomaker to manage your personal databases - contacts, work logs, asset trackers, et cetera. Infomaker works with common database systems such as dBASE, Excel, Sybase(r) SQL Anywhere and any other ODBC database for which you have drivers.

Check 2000 PC Deluxe V3.0 Y2K for Win95/98/NT 4.0


Everyone's got a Y2K solution, but why not get all of them in one box? Check 2000 PC Deluxe 3.0 tests your BIOS, operating system and installed software for Y2K-related bugs. Fix your BIOS without rebooting. Update your Windows operating system without wading through the Microsoft site. Check 2000 compares all of your software applications with its online database of known Y2K issues. Advice on thousands of software programs. For the most common, Check 2000 scans data files for user-formatted dates - and fixes them! Down to the individual cells on spreadsheets, you can update your hard drive for the next millennium. Check out the free video for more Y2K prep advice.

Kodak Advantix 4700ix

First Assistant Director

Need a second opinion on your photos? The Advantix 4700ix lends its expertise to your shots before you make them. On the enhanced LCD display, you receive messages from the camera's sensors: "Move Back" if you're too close, "Recompose" if the auto-focus can't see your vision and many more. Messaging takes into account multiple flash modes and zoom capabilities. With the Advantix system, you can add Print Titles to the back of your photos-program and select from 30 titles in five languages. When you're finished taking pictures, your First Assistant Director even remembers to turn itself off.


The Digital Video Professional

Shoot with the pros. The Canon GL-1 sports a professional quality L-Series Fluorite Lens. 20x optical/100x digital Zoom capabilities bring supreme clarity to your images. Three CCD sensors - one for red, green and blue - filter color to produce precision hues across a wide range with very little color noise. Image stabilization keeps the focus on your subject without the distracting jitters of handheld shots. Manual controls and features allow you to fine-tune the camera for the perfect shot. Backed by a rare one-year parts and labor warranty from Canon.

Fujifilm Auto 10

Take Me With You!

Make this camera your teammate on weekend excursions. Whether you're hanging from a cliff or hanging at the beach, the Fujifilm Auto 10 snags sharp photos without the hassles. Point and click - autofocus and autoflash take care of the rest. Autoflash makes automatic adjustments for red-eye in your subjects, while a big viewfinder reduces your own red-eye from squinting. Simple loading and motorized winding get you back to the action, even if it's only to apply more suntan lotion.


Graduate-Level Grapher

Sick of staring at tiny screens? Tired of counting chunky pixels? The HP 48GX boasts a 131 x 64 screen that shapes smooth plots in 2D or 3D for more than 300 built-in scientific and engineering equations. Or create your own equations, view them as you would on paper and solve for any variable with HP Solve. True object-oriented programming assists in rapid development of applications and accesses a growing library of third-party tools. Expand your horizons from 128K RAM to over a megabyte via two expansion ports. Connectivity kits put all of your hard work in a safe place on either Mac or PC or out to optional HP 82240B infrared printer.

Brother PT-330


In French, English, Portuguese, or Spanish printing, the Brother PT-330 Labeler delivers crisp, individual labels for home, office, or home-office use. Whether you're creating a single sticker or a major mailing, five fonts in six sizes and 12 type styles guarantee the look you want. This economical unit prints on TZ tape of five different sizes, up to 1" across. A 2000-character memory retains the labels that you print most often. Auto-number them in common bar code protocols. You can even customize pre-inked stamps. C'est bon, oui?

Sony Digital Video Cassette Camcorder DCR-PC10

Cinema Scholar

Sony's DCR-PC10 camcorder places professional tools at your fingertips. Record in 16:9 cinema mode with accurate time-code stamping for later use in the edit booth. Store your titles on the built-in RAM chip during filming. The DCR-PC10 features a Carl Zeiss lens for undistorted zooms. A 1/3" dichroic CCD prism divides the reds, blues and greens and filters them for digital clarity. The precision 2.5" pivoting color LCD viewfinder with anti-glare and anti-smudge treatments tells you what you're getting before you reach for it. With an optional IFT-R10 receiver, you can project images from your camcorder to your TV screen. Other accessories and specialty lenses make this camcorder a flexible shooter.

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